bb Sozietät

»Advice in Company Crisis, Insolvency, Reorganisation and Restructuring«

Since its foundation, bb Sozietät has been advising companies, shareholders, executives, creditors and insolvency administrators during a company's crisis. A key goal of our advice is to protect the individuals involved (shareholders, executives) from personal liability.

We deliver the required knowledge and practical experience and are intimately familiar with the manner in which banks, credit insurers and insolvency administrators approach a company crisis. A number of our lawyers haveinvaluable experience in handling bankruptcy proceedings with renowned insolvency administrator firms. This unique know-how and first-hand experience of the way the involved parties think and act enables us to negotiate the best possible solutions for our clients.

Core services:

  • advice for shareholders and executives regarding their personal liability
  • examination of obligations to file for insolvency and mapping out possible avoidance strategies
  • debt relief concepts and agreements, e.g. insolvency plans (similar to Chapter 11)
  • insolvency M&A
  • enforcement of creditors’ rights in the course of insolvency proceeding
  • administration of suppliers or banking pools