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»Labour Law and Human Resources«

Companies face complex labour law regulations. Most changes or restructurings require close collaboration with the staff, the works councils and trade unions in order to achieve a valid and enforceable reorganisation or termination of employment.

Our labour law team advises in all aspects of individual and collective labour law. This includes day-to-day advice for companies, as well as issues connected with company transactions and restructurings. We prepare and negotiate the various types of collective and individual employment agreements required in order to provide the best personnel framework and conditions feasible under German labour law. Furthermore, we advise executives as well as HR staff regarding all questions concerning labour law and service agreement issues.

In cooperation with mbb consult, we develop and implement personnel concepts (e.g. payment systems, work schedules etc.).

Our experienced lawyers are prepared to represent and defend our clients' interests in court, if necessary.

Our scope of services:

  • employment agreements and terms of employment
  • termination of employment
  • M&A-related labour law (including labour-related due diligence)
  • employees’ representation and co-determination issues
  • collective bargaining agreements, works council agreements
  • pension programs
  • social security law
  • Service contract law (management, board of directors)
  • insolvency labour law