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»Trust Solutions«

A company’s financial difficulties are usually accompanied by a lack of confidence among the various stakeholders. Banks often distrust shareholders and management who they assume to be incapable of leading a successful turnaround. Frequently, banks and investors will only provide turnaround financing if a competent third party acts as a trustee.

We serve as trustee in such situations by temporarily holding a company’s shares and exercising the corresponding voting rights in the best interest of the trustors and/or the creditors, depending on the trustee agreement. If needed, we also support the company’s management in the restructuring process and communication with stakeholders, especially creditors.

Core services:

  • reorganisation trusts
  • securities trusts
  • realisation trusts
  • security agreements and security pool agreements
  • fiduciary take over of shares (as trustee)
  • draft and review of trustee agreements
  • trust liquidation